Week 4 Synthesis: Curating Through MCBS

Curating this month definitely changed my outlook on asset collection. This isn’t my first time curating, because I have a Pinterest, but the website used for New Media Tools was totally different. My projects had a more professional look because I was able to save time searching and allow for more time to perfect my work. The curating tool we used and created is definitely worth keeping. The tiles created consist of great assets that need to be easily accessed. For example, the images tile and all of the stock image websites included in it. Instead of searching for sites offering these images, I am able to just jump on and click on the images tool bringing up multiple websites offering exactly what I needed. Also, the digital storytelling videos. Those are great to keep for examples and inspiration. I know a lot of what was curated will not only help me throughout my tenure in the Media Communications program, but in my career also.

Due to my experience in New Media Tools, I have definitely gained some curating habits. Before, if I came across a website, video, or any other link that I deemed important enough to save, I would copy the link to my notepad. I didn’t really use Pinterest for school related items. Now, I know that I can save the link to Symbaloo, and it will be there for all my future needs. Anytime I’m able to learn something new, is an enrichment to me. With that being said, curating resources definitely enriched my MCBS experience. I was copy a ton of links and pictures to a word document and go back to them when needed, often losing what it was I saved it for in the first place. This helped with that.

I agree with the authors of both articles when they say quality over quantity. When trying to be organized doing work, clutter is a big distraction. As I’ve stated before, I used to save tons of links often losing the reason for why I saved them in the first place. Now, I save only the most important or relevant links. One great asset beats 10 mediocre ones.

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